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INPUT: News Clips selected for key topics, political leader statements. Some opinions are provided. Last month: March 2023 Recent month: April 2023 May 27, 2023 Subcommittee Hearing on Leftist Violence: A Subcommittee of Homeland Security on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability 2023/05/15 Bishop to Hold Subcommittee Hearing on Left-Wing Violence [Meeting has occurred and is shown at link below] to-hold-subcommittee-hearing-on-left-wing-violence The people who discounted antifa in the meeting, and who forced the discussion to be off topic, were two black males, a Jew and a Hispanic female. Re-emphasis of white supremacist public violence listed as data by FBI, etc. Like Rep Eli Crane (AZ-2) in the meeting said, it is my opinion that all extremist killings are “disgusting” including white extremism. And that the “games played are dangerous” by the blacks, Hispanics, etc. in the meeting (and beyond) in shifting blame and focus. Dangerous for not recognizing antifa and for not recognizing the problem of wide-scale illegal immigration, including unknown got-aways as a problem. The blacks and Jews in this meeting are attacking whites and denying white concerns and distracting from the meeting’s import, but the white female Green from Georgia went too far in her pointed attacks, too. What is more, other types of Jews are not included in the discussion, the ones who are most concerned about radical Muslim terrorism with relentless anti-Semitic tendencies. Such Jews can be promoters of safe borders. In addition, black nationalism murders like of the police in Dallas a few years ago, and those linked to antifa, are not included by those bent on discussing white extremism. One source of information on antifa violence: Todd Bensman, Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in US History. Fourth Chapter “The New Theologians” is critical to this discussion. ISBN 978-1-63758-570-2. Still writing in early fall 2022 and published in 2023, so current. Paperback about $20 and Kindle about $10. Bensman’s information shows that antifa set up camps to harass ICE agents, the bloodying of Trump supporters on campaign trails and the example of a white antifa male’s suicide-linked violence - all material not brought out at this meeting. The antifa male had been born in Holland where the Nazis attacked Jews; he did not want to be or allow others to be like what he felt was a Nazi. PF Opinion Gaslighting: In the meeting, The Democrat Party non-whites (two black males and a Hispanic female) or white Jewish congressional leader (Goldman) and the Jewish female witness are avoiding any real discussion on antifa and are over- simplifying it as being mostly property damage. Crane uses the term “disgusting”, but I would use the terms “despicable, unacceptable” and tragic” to describe extremist violence. I think we need a better handle on the topic of white extremism data and to have it on hand before discussing leftist extremism. Of course, we almso need more data on leftist extremism in these events. In addition, we need to be prepared to analyze any biases behind what is labeled white extremism, and across various contexts. One line that seems blurred is Hispanic or Latino whites versus other kinds of whites. These can range in skin color from white to olive or light brown, but might be lumped together as whites by blacks. People proud of Spanish heritage might claim themselves to be white. In addition, check whether the Hispanics and Latinos are Catholics, born in the US or are immigrants, whether they served in the US military, and if immigrants, at what point in their connection to the US they served. If their behaviors manifest as public violence, we need to know if military training is linked to it. We also need to know if there is a link to US interventions in places like Latin America, with Nicaragua being just one example. We need to check for pay-offs, correlation and any formal agreements between this set of whites and other kinds of religious and/or conservative whites. We need to make a distinction between Hispanic/Catholic ethno-religionism and other forms of white supremacy if it involves political violence against persons and/or property. We can ask of Hispanic/Latino immigrants if they brought to the US certain tendencies and agendas. Examples: Russian communism and/or Marxism mixed with ethno-religionism. Strains of Catholicism, Catholic offshoots, Eastern Europe Orthodoxy mixed with Catholicism, old Nazi religious fundamentalism like from Argentina or Brazil, a La Raza/Unidos strain mixed in with Catholicism. The radicalism could include male dominance, anti-abortion, a desire to spread Spanish descendants in the name of Jesus. These could go either Democrat or Republican and there could be cross-overs. The idea everything is OK if in the name of Jesus should be watched for if it takes on an end justifies the mean aspect that runs into violence. I cannot help but think that Jan 6 had an “alternative white” aspect like this. I do not feel a good distinction is being made here between types of participants. (As a side note, I still feel something is fishy and people were killed or had mysterious deaths who did not deserve it. ) Additionally, check for shifting in the narrative of a public shooting/bombing by hostile entities surrounding a case, including, but not limited to, whether radical blacks or Muslims actually did it. Just because someone has a MAGA hat or such does not mean that is who is wearing it. In any shifting narratives, pay close attention to who is writing up the police, DHS and FBI piece. When the term white supremacist or far-right white extremist is used, find out who is behind it if possible. Did a Democrat of the sort seen in this meeting write it, bringing a bias into government policing work? May 25, 2023 The Hill 2023/05/23 Watch live: House Judiciary holds hearing on Biden border policies BY THE HILL STAFF - 05/23/23 8:55 AM ET live-house-judiciary-holds-hearing-on-biden- border-policies/ May 24, 2023 Raul Ortiz, CBP Chief PF Opinion: Ortiz is bad news; I feel the MO behind his negligence and corruption is “what has the US done for us CBP agents, what are we getting out of this, who is taking care of our needs?” Along with Mayorkas, he should be removed. CBP dot gov Raul Ortiz, Chief US Border Patrol organization/executive-assistant-commissioners -offices/chief- united-states-border-patrol Washington Examiner 2022/01/29 Leaked video shows tense exchange between Border Patrol chief and agents by Misty Severi, Breaking News Reporter & Anna Giaritelli, Homeland Security leaked-video-shows-tense-exchange-between- border-patrol-chief-and-agents May 23, 2023 See May 22 below on Representative Mike Gallagher’s (Wisconsin-8, Marine combat veteran with experience in intelligence in Iraq ) dire warnings about China; May 23 here -China and Mexico-these will be placed in China section CHINA AND MEXICO Problems Separately and together 2023 China important NBC Full interview FBI Director Wray on efforts to halt China’s spying director-wray-on-efforts-to-halt-china-s-spying-132198981710 ABC 2023/04/17 DOJ accuses China of using 'police station' to spy on, harass dissidents inside US. Two defendants are charged with operating a "police station" in New York City. Pierre Thomas, Luke Barr. American Military News 2023/04/21 Thousands of Chinese illegally entering US through southern border, Chris Kirkman border/ CNN 2023/02/04 A look at China’s history of spying in the US. Zachary Cohen https //www cnn com/2023/02/04/politics/china-us-spying/index.html PJ Media 2023/02/15 Infiltration Invasion? 700% Increase in Illegal Chinese Migrants at U.S. Border. BY CATHERINE SALGADO illegal-chinese-migrants-at-u-s-border-n1670693 Mexico (AMLO = Mexican President) Global Research 2023 03/23 ‘Mexico is not a US colony!’: AMLO Condemns Invasion Threats, Celebrates Nationalization of Oil, Lithium By Ben Norton https //www globalresearch ca/mexico-not-us-colony-amlo-condemns-invasion-threats-celebrates- nationalization-oil-lithium/5813178 The Hill 2023/03/20 US lawmakers: López Obrador committed to engage with China on fentanyl BY RAFAEL BERNAL - 03/20/23 6:11 PM ET https // 2022 CFR 2022/10/31 China’s Growing Attempts to Influence U.S. Politics China appears to be increasingly interfering in U.S. elections through intensive lobbying, control of foreign media outlets, and sophisticated disinformation campaigns. Article by Joshua Kurlantzick https //www cfr org/article/chinas-growing-attempts-influence-us-politics NPR 2022/10/24 U.S. charges 13 in cases that involve alleged plots to advance Chinese interests https //www npr org/2022/10/24/1131102795/alleged-chinese-spies-doj-merrick-garland NBC 2022/02/02 FBI Director Wray says scale Chinese spying on us blew him away https //www nbcnews com/politics/politics-news/fbi-director-wray-says-scale-chinese-spying-us-blew-away- rcna14369 132198981710 The Guardian 2022/12/1 Four years after his inauguration, why is Mexico’s leader still campaigning? Barred from re-election, Lopez Obrador is accused of bussing in supporters to drum up support for his successor. Oscar Lopez https //www theguardian com/world/2022/dec/01/amlo-andres-manuel-lopez-obrador-mexico-campaign Foreign Policy 2022 06 23 How AMLO Has Fueled Mexico’s Drug War He campaigned on “Hugs, Not Bullets.” Now, he’s militarized the country. https //foreignpolicy com/2022/06/23/mexico-drug-war-amlo-lopez-obrador-demilitarization-national-guard- human-rights/ 2021 Americas Quarterly 2021/10/19 China and Latin America Mexico’s Evolving Relationship with China BY EMILIE SWEIGART AND GABRIEL COHEN | AQ tracks how the country has managed its ties with Beijing. https//www americasquarterly org/article/mexicos-evolving-relationship-with-china/ Brookings 2021/01/14 ORDER FROM CHAOS America’s governors and mayors have a stake in US-China relations Cheng Li and Xiuye Zhao https //www brookings edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2021/01/14/americas-governors-and-mayors-have-a-stake- in-us-china-relations/ Media 2021/06/03 The Chinese Communist Party’s Insidious Infiltration Lt Col Kathleen Hasson, USAF, GSS Vision Times 2021/07 14 Mexican Drug Cartels Laundering Money Through China’s Triads After Championing US Fentanyl PushBy Neil Campbell https //www visiontimes com/2021/07/14/mexico-cartel-fentanyl-triad-money-laundering.html May 22, 2023: a) -Gallagher on China May 16, May 2; b) Idaho/B. Kohberger Silence=Not Guilty Plea May 22b, 2023 Two recent letters to supporters of Congressman Mike Gallagher (WI-R-8) are below. I include these because I know Mike is right that the Chinese are thoroughly dangerous. (Some abbreviations to letters) Letter from House Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin; He is Chairman of the newly created Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). May 16, 2023 As you read this, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Leader Xi Jinping is preparing his country for war. This is not hyperbole. Xi wants to take Taiwan, by force if necessary, and replace America as the dominant world power. He is telling his army to focus all its energy on fighting and to strengthen real combat military training. This is not a drill. We would be fools to not take the communist leader at his word. This is not a distant over there problem. This is a right here at home problem. The CCP has waged economic war against American workers for decades. It has stolen hundreds of billions of dollars worth of American intellectual property. And it continues to attack our critical infrastructure in cyberspace every single day. Through spy balloons, secret Chinese national police stations (here in America!) and exploitation of our college campuses, the CCP is trying to defeat us from within. And we are too busy scrolling our social media feeds to notice. If we don’t stand up for our sovereignty, if we don’t push back against these threats, if we don’t work to rebuild American power, we will project weakness, feed Xi’s appetite for aggression and risk stumbling into a war for which we are not prepared. I refuse to let this happen. I refuse to sit on the sideline while America surrenders its sovereignty, power and confidence. The genocidal Communists in China are not friends. This is an existential struggle over what life will look like in the 21st century--and the most fundamental freedoms are at stake. The CCP is laser-focused on its vision for the future-- a world crowded with techno-totalitarian surveillance states where human rights are subordinate to the whims of the Party. For the time being, it’s still up to us to decide if that’s the future we want for our children but it won’t be for much longer. Time is not on our side. Just because this Congress is divided, we cannot afford to waste the next two years lingering in legislative limbo or pandering for the press. We must act with a sense of urgency. Our policy over the next ten years will set the stage for the next hundred. We cannot allow the CCP’s tech-powered dystopia to prevail. Do you know what Xi Jinping fears most? A united and strong America. Because a united and strong America is a brick wall of freedom that tells the communists that their goal of suppression and control will never be welcome here. Xi Jinping has repeatedly called Karl arx “the greatest thinker in human history” and stated that it is the CCP’s goal to construct a community of common destiny for all mankind. We must wake up to the threat posed by Xi and his Communist Party before it’s too late. That is what I am working toward in Congress… I am using this role to demonstrate a united front in the face of Chinese aggression. …we must focus on the commonsense solutions that we all can agree on. So what can Congress do to push back and defend ourselves? Preventing CCP from operating secret national police stations on American soil; Prohibiting American investors from funding Chinese Military and tech companies (essentially subsidizing our own demise); Blocking the CCP from purchasing land on American soil near our military bases. These solutions are straightforward and actionable…We must stand strong in the face of our enemies…We cannot consider Communist China as a distant threat. Their goal of weakening America and our allies, and their oppressive tactics, must be met with swift action from a UNITED America…Fighting back against CCP influence and aggression may be one area where Republicans and Democrats agree, and my colleagues and I are working hard to stand up and restore American global leadership. A united America is a strong America. And that is what our enemies fear most. Ultimately, standing up against the CCP is a fight for FREEDOM. As President Ronald Reagan said, “there stands before the entire world one great and inescapable conclusion: Freedom leads to prosperity. Freedom replaces the ancient hatreds among nations with comity and peace. Freedom is the victor.” Independence Forever, Mike Gallagher Second Letter from Mike Gallagher May 2, 2023 America is built from the bottom-up. We are only as strong as our most fractured neighborhood. And right now, we have our work cut out for us. Our foreign adversaries are watching closely, hoping America will tear itself apart from within. America is strongest when our leaders work together and offer a positive vision for our future, one capable of meeting our greatest obstacles. …Checking the influence of the CCP may be one of the few areas where Republicans and Democrats can come together to pass meaningful reforms, and I am optimistic this Committee will show it can work across the aisle when it comes to strengthening our economic and national security. If we do so, we can rebut this misguided notion that Congress is dysfunctional and in a perpetual state of disarray. We can send a message to Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and other cynics that the democratic process works and America stands united in the face of their authoritarian regimes. A united America is what evil men like Xi and Putin fear most… May 22a, 2023 Kohberger update added to Idaho Campus Murders/Case Studies-Kohberger section Fox 2023/05/22 Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger's defense stands silent at arraignment, judge enters not guilty pleas Kohberger was arraigned Monday on charges that he killed 4 University of Idaho students Michael Ruiz By Michael Ruiz , Audrey Conklin | Fox News enters-not-guilty-pleas May 18, 2023 Kohberger indicted; this also added to Kohberger section Idaho Statesman via yahoo 2023/05/18 Secrecy of Kohberger grand jury keeps community in the dark even longer | OpinionThe Editorial Board Newsweek Idaho Murder Update: Bryan Kohberger Indicted After Taking 'Big Gamble' Story by Anna Skinner • Yesterday 10:12 AM gamble/ar-AA1bjGJG May 17, 2023 It should go without saying that border protection and stopping illegal immigration are not racism. May 14, 2023 Opinion: I strongly suspect New Mexico has invasive networks sharing information across different governmental platforms which invade a state resident’s privacy and the behavior is overly controlling (Stasi-like). I feel the court systems, several attorneys, political leaders and oversight agencies are in collusion. The Navajo Nation is authoritarian, as is the Hispanic deep state. Male Hispanic culture often exhibits machismo which is impossible to deal with. May 10, 2023 [Note from PF: The new bill below is a good one, has depth and teeth] H.R. 2: Secure the Border Act of 2023, Mario Diaz-Balart, R-FL-26, 5/5/23 May 9, 2023 Gallagher House [Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin] 2023/03/ Gallagher: We Can't View CCP and Russia As Separate Threats Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), Chairman of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, released the following statement on Xi Jinping's summit with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. "Xi and Putin just doubled down on their no limits partnership and while they claimed to oppose a ‘cold war mentality,’ their actions make clear they are already engaged in New Cold War against the United States, our allies, and our values. If it wasn’t obvious before, it is obvious now that we cannot view Russia and the Chinese Communist Party as separate threats and we must push back against this de facto alliance with a sense of urgency. The most important way to do so is to ensure that Ukraine’s present does not become Taiwan’s future. That means we have to aggressively clear the backlog of foreign military sales to Taiwan and ensure that American hard power is capable of deterring Xi's clear ambitions to absorb the island democracy." 2023/4/20 Gallagher, Houlahan Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Bill to Counter CCP Cyber Aggression Against Taiwan counter-ccp-cyber 2023/03/30 Gallagher, Sullivan Introduce STAND with Taiwan Act May 7, 2023 Bomb Threats and School Shootings; State of New Mexico: Tranq (new drug), NM listed No. 1 Worst Drugs; Los Alamos and Colfax Counties, Corrupt Judiciary; etc.; Cartel Propaganda Bomb Threats, School Shootings Bomb Threats to Public Schools and Violence are not acceptable, nor are bomb threats to grocery stores, hospitals, banks or anywhere else. In addition, planning to go shoot up a school or any other public area is totally not cool, and should not be seen as the “in” thing. That is, just because someone else does it does not mean others have to, too. Instead, people should figure out ways to do meaningful things that go somewhere real, and to try to express their anger or frustration less violently. New Mexico BUILD THE WALL, CRIME WILL FALL - from bumper sticker seen in Farmington, New Mexico KRQE 2023/05/03 New Mexico ranks No. 1 as state with the worst drug use by: Audrey Claire Davis 2023/04/12 Los Alamos County authorities share information about recent overdose calls. by: Laila Freeman https //www overdose-calls/ According to Los Alamos Police Department (LAPD), local emergency crews have responded to six, separate, suspected-overdose calls within the last week. Four of the six people involved in those calls died. “While we cannot confirm the cause of death in these cases until the Office of the Medical Investigator has conducted their investigation, we believe there is evidence that is alarming, and we want to inform the public of the dangers associated with the abuse of prescription medication and illicit drugs,” stated Deputy Chief Oliver Morris. Fentanyl was recovered from one of the death scenes. LAPD has been investigating fentanyl trafficking in the community, and they believe young people are being targeted in those drug-related efforts. KUNM 2023/05/05 NM Senator leads call for DEA to make opioid addiction medication easier to access. KUNM | By Nash Jones medication-easier-to-access KOAT 2023/04/12 New drug mixture hits New Mexico, several overdoses reported White House declarers drug mixture a threat to the country. Sasha Lenninger https // tranqualizer/43523010# COLFAX COUNTY, N.M. — A new warning from deputies and paramedics regarding what is being called "Tranq" by the Drug Enforcement Administration.In just 48 hours, Colfax County deputies responded to three overdoses from what they believe is due to the drug. The Raton Fire Department responded to one overdose within the last two days. "They were small blue pills about the size of an Ambien. It wasn't marked," Colfax County Sheriff Leonard Baca said. ABC 2023/04/28 Police ask for information in bomb threat at Farmington Smith’s by: Megan Pickett Corrupt Judiciary: Problems with Judiciary and Civilian Oversight Propaganda, Psychological Operations - Cartels [PF Note: I consider this a very important subject to study in the fight against cartels and will include in the Cartels section: Cartels-8 Psyops, Calculating] May 5, 2023 Bryan Kohberger Idaho Murders updates-in that section Case 10b Kohberger Arrest Prayers and Support to the Moscow, Idaho Police Department persons involved in this case - the Chief, detectives - and all others May 4, 2023 Wanton Violence does not solve life’s problems May 1, 2023 Ben Ray Luján, NM Mich. Lujan-Grisham, NM These two have been added back to the Leaders section.
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Above Photo: 1919 approx. Border Patrol History - Early Air/Cavalry 12th Aero Squadron Dayton-Wright DH- 4 flying liaison with US Cavalry on United States/Mexico border patrol https //en wikipedia org/wiki- United States_Army_Border_Air_Patrol --------------- *We often use the term democracy in its broadest sense here on this website, meaning democratic, freedom loving, not controlled by dictators, protections against corruption, and legal systems meant to protect most of the people most of the time. It also includes an effort at a true sense of balance and fair play. Image Above: Early New Mexico territorial seal depicting larger American bald eagle wing arms outstretched over smaller Mexican eagle (See Seal, Coat of Arms information below) OPERATION RESTORE OLD FORT RETRIEVE NEW MEXICO TO US TERRITORY Stand Tall for the USA Nothin’ Like the Good Ol’ USA Old Coat of Arms and info New_Mexico_Territory The Territory of New Mexico was an organized incorporated territory of the United States from September 9, 1850 until January 6, 1912. It was created from the U.S. provisional government of New Mexico, as a result of Nuevo México becoming part of the American frontier after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It existed with varying boundaries until the territory was admitted to the Union as the U.S. state of New Mexico. This jurisdiction was an organized, incorporated territory of the US for nearly 62 years, the longest period of any territory in the contiguous United States. New_Mexico_Territory Seals, Coat of Arms On the Seal: Territorial symbols Illustrated coat of arms of the New Mexico Territory, published in State Arms of the Union in 1876 A coat of arms of New Mexico was adopted by the territorial legislature in 1887, formalizing an earlier design, introduced in the early 1860s, already used in the territory's great seal. The legislation, titled "An Act adopting and establishing the coat of arms and great seal of the territory", was approved by Governor Edmund G. Ross on February The coat of arms of the territory of New Mexico shall be the Mexican Eagle grasping a serpent in its beak, the cactus in its talons, shielded by the American eagle with outspread wings, and grasping arrows in its talons. The date MDCCCL [1850], under the eagles, and above that, on a scroll, the motto: Crescit Eundo. That the great seal of the territory have the coat of arms thereon, being the same seal now used by the secretary of the territory, and that the same be adopted and established as the official seal and coat of arms of the territory of New Mexico. The "American" bald eagle's outstretched wings over the smaller "Mexican" harpy eagle represents the territory's change of sovereignty. The territorial motto, Crescit eundo (Latin for 'It grows as it goes'), was later added to the seal. The same design was later adapted for use in the seal of the new state of New Mexico in 1913. New_Mexico_Territory
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