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We must avoid charring hatred through the application of reason and careful assessment. How are our buttons lit up? We must distinguish between piety and fundamentalism, or the quiet, non-combative support of a religion and a separate radicalism. In addition, we need to think universally about religiosity, no matter which religion it is. Can we identify belief as a learned modality with characteristic patterns? When do we lose our detachment, our ability to have a reality check? What depletes our ability to question, reflect on or accept arguments about a religion? At what point are we too snagged to step back? Can religion become an addiction, and can its more authoritarian approaches funnel toward communism or fascism? Is there a link between particularism, exactness and perfectionism as focal points in religion become focal points in militaristic autocracies? Having directed eyes toward Jesus or Mohammed, is it easier to now direct the zealous attention toward a leader, state or ideology? Is there a feeling quality in Christian fundamentalism that can be found in Islamic fundamentalism, which can be felt in Nazism, Communism or loyalty to a national figure like Putin? Written 11/14/2016 in terms of any religious group that takes itself too seriously, see Pastafarians below. Radicalism in religion might reflect: 1. human rights violations 2. a sense of knowing the nature of existence or the ways of God better than others 3. violence 4. fake or controlled elections, controlled politics 5. individual and/or group egoism hiding behind religious piety, social propriety and strict doctrines 6. group think and conformity 6. superstitions which lead to excessive fear, downright paranoia, exclusive behaviors toward others who don’t conform and violence 6. a lack of: emotional and intellectual flow; openness to new or certain ideas - --- Syria - Islam Bloomberg View: Syria Army of Islam Says It Wants No War With Israel. By Eli Lake 09/29/2016 There was a time when you could count on hard-core Sunni Islamists in the Middle East to be reliably opposed to the existence of the Jewish state. Organizations ranging from the Muslim Brotherhood to al-Qaeda disagreed on everything from jurisprudence to short-term strategy, but when it came to Israel there was consensus. The slaughter in Syria is changing that. Take, for example, Jaish al-Islam, a Syrian coalition of rebels whose name translates conveniently to "Army of Islam." Mohammed Alloush, the political leader of the group, Wednesday told me his fighters did not seek war with Israel. Wikipedia: Islam Excerpt: Islam in Syria is followed by 90% of the country's total population:[1] Sunnis make up 74%[1] of the total, mostly of Arab, Kurdish and Turkoman ethnicities. Shias make up the remaining 13%:[1] Alawites are the predominant Shia group, followed by Twelvers and Ismailis. Sunnis are mainly of the Shafi'i madhhab with pockets of Hanafi and Hanbali. Several large Sufi orders are active in 3% of the total population.[1] Countrystudies: Syria Excerpt: Islam means submission (to God), and he who submits is a Muslim. According to its doctrine, Muhammad is the "seal of the prophets;" his revelation is said to complete for all time the series of biblical revelations received by Jews and Christians. God is believed to have remained one and the same throughout time, but men had strayed from his true teachings until set right by Muhammad. Prophets and sages of the biblical tradition, such as Abraham, Moses, and Jesus (known in Arabic as Ibrahim, Musa, and Isa respectively) are recognized as inspired vehicles of God's will. Islam, however, reveres as sacred only the message, rejecting Christianity's deification of the messenger Jesus. It accepts the concepts of guardian angels, the Day of Judgment, or last day, general resurrection, heaven and hell, and eternal life of the soul. The duties of the Muslim form the five pillars of the faith. These are the recitation of the shahada; daily prayer (salat); almsgiving (zakat); fasting (sawm); and hajj, or pilgrimage. After purification through ritual ablutions, the believer is to pray in a prescribed manner each day at dawn, midday, midafternoon, sunset, and nightfall. Prescribed genuflections and prostrations accompany the prayers, which the worshiper recites facing toward Mecca. Whenever possible, men pray in congregation at the mosque with the imam and on Fridays make a special effort to do so. The Friday noon prayers provide the occasion for weekly sermons by religious leaders. Women may also attend public worship at the mosque, where they are segregated from the men, although more frequently women pray at home. A special functionary, the muezzin, intones a call to prayer to the entire community at the appropriate hour; those out of earshot determine the proper time by the sun. Public prayer is a conspicuous and widely practiced aspect of Islam in Syria, particularly in rural areas. --- Islamo-Fascism Weekly Standard: Islamofascism, A history of the word from the first Westerner to use it. By Stephen Schwartz. 08/16/2006 Excerpt: (This article originally appeared on TCS Daily.) In my analysis, as originally put in print directly after the horror of September 11, 2001, Islamofascism refers to use of the faith of Islam as a cover for totalitarian ideology. This radical phenomenon is embodied among Sunni Muslims today by such fundamentalists as the Saudi-financed Wahhabis, the Pakistani jihadists known as Jama'atis, and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. In the ranks of Shia Muslims, it is exemplified by Hezbollah in Lebanon and the clique around President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran. Political typologies should make distinctions, rather than confusing them, and Islamofascism is neither a loose nor an improvised concept. It should be employed sparingly and precisely. The indicated movements should be treated as Islamofascist, first, because of their congruence with the defining characteristics of classic fascism, especially in its most historically-significant form--German National Socialism. Fascism is distinguished from the broader category of extreme right-wing politics by its willingness to defy public civility and openly violate the law. As such it represents a radical departure from the tradition of ultra-conservatism. The latter aims to preserve established social relations, through enforcement of law and reinforcement of authority. But the fascist organizations of Mussolini and Hitler, in their conquests of power, showed no reluctance to rupture peace and repudiate parliamentary and other institutions; the fascists employed terror against both the existing political structure and society at large. It is a common misconception of political science to believe, in the manner of amateur Marxists, that Italian fascists and Nazis sought maintenance of order, to protect the ruling classes. Both Mussolini and Hitler agitated against "the system" governing their countries. Their willingness to resort to street violence, assassinations, and coups set the Italian and German fascists apart from ordinary defenders of ruling elites, which they sought to replace. This is an important point that should never be forgotten. Fascism is not merely a harsh dictatorship or oppression by privilege. Urban Dictionary: Definition of Islamofascism by (I am) John Doe March 19, 2008 Excerpt (from Urban Dictionary): One who engages in Islamofascism. In general, Islamofascism refers to the notion that Islam is not so much a religion as it is a political ideology that in many ways resembles "fascism" (i.e. the modern common definition of fascism which equates it with totalitarianism, as opposed to the original capital-F Italian-style Fascism). More specifically, Islamofascism is used to describe either the social structure of a society living under strict Islamic shari’a law, or the interpersonal behavior of someone who acts in accordance with true Islam. An Islamofascist can either be an Islamic fundamentalist, or someone who uses violence or bullying tactics to impose Islamic principles on others — or, more bluntly, a Muslim bigot whose religious beliefs are the source of his bigotry. Radio talkshow host Michael Savage has repeatedly claimed on air that he coined the term "Islamofascist" in his first book, and even offered a reward to anyone who could prove he was wrong. In reality "Islamo-fascism" was coined at least a decade earlier; the first known use of the term was on September 8, 1990 by journalist Malise Ruthven in a column about religion for Britain’s Independent newspaper, in which Ruthven wrote, "Nevertheless there is what might be called a 'political problematic' affecting the Muslim world. In contrast to the heirs of some other non-Western traditions, including Hinduism, Shintoism and Buddhism, Islamic societies seem to have found it particularly hard to institutionalize divergences politically: authoritarian government, not to say 'Islamo-fascism', is the rule rather than the exception from Morocco to Pakistan." Since Islamofascists are fanatically devoted to their cause, and all they understand is force, they must be resisted using all available means. Retrieved 11/13/2016 These are a few resources for introductory connections with Islamic topics, but by no means can be considered professional or exhaustive (notice many of the links are Wikipedia - see Personal Notes on this.) --- Israelis - Muslims Working Together Daily Mail: Sunni Muslim Arabs who fight on front line in 'unbreakable blood pact' By Jake Wallis Simons Ka'abiya, Israel (12/22/2015) unbreakable-blood-pact.html Excerpt: ‘If you told this story to people from Europe or the United States, or even other Arabs from the Middle East, they wouldn't believe it,’ Ka’abiyah tells MailOnline. ‘But it's really a true situation.’…About 1,700 Bedouin Muslims currently serve in the Israeli army. They say they are being patriotic but other Arabs believe they are traitors. Bedouin Arabs have fought alongside Israel since the State was formed. But since a Bedouin mounted a terror attack, relations have been tense. unbreakable-blood-pact.html --- Portugal - Islamic State (IS) Gates One Institute: Portugal’s connection to IS Excerpt: Portugal, like Spain, also figures prominently in a map produced by the jihadist group Islamic State [IS] that outlines a five-year plan for expanding its Islamic Caliphate into Europe."Holy War is the only solution for humanity." — Abdu, Portuguese jihadist."Every time these jihadists groups mention the recovery of al-Andalus, they are also referring to Portugal. Jihadists do not believe in national divisions, but in the existence of a single Muslim community that embraces the entire Iberian Peninsula." — Miguel Torres Soriano, Spanish terrorism expert. --- Wahhabism Breitbart: ISIS Horror explained by Saudi Wahhabism (2014) Alistair Crooke, British intelligence explains Middle East Terrorism. Wahhabism (Sunni) Wahhabism and British Secret Service (uncertain reference and information),_The_British_Spy_to_the_Middle_East --- Sunnis versus Shias BBC: Sunnis and Shia: Islam's ancient schism (01/04/2016) Excerpt: Members of the two sects have co-existed for centuries and share many fundamental beliefs and practices. But they differ in doctrine, ritual, law, theology and religious organisation. Their leaders also often seem to be in competition. From Lebanon and Syria to Iraq and Pakistan, many recent conflicts have emphasised the sectarian divide, tearing communities apart. Who are the Sunnis? The great majority of the world's more than 1.5 billion Muslims are Sunnis - estimates suggest the figure is somewhere between 85% and 90%. In the Middle East, Sunnis make up 90% or more of the populations of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.Sunnis regard themselves as the orthodox branch of Islam. The name "Sunni" is derived from the phrase "Ahl al-Sunnah", or "People of the Tradition". The tradition in this case refers to practices based on what the Prophet Muhammad said, did, agreed to or condemned… Who are the Shia? Shia constitute about 10% of all Muslims, and globally their population is estimated at between 154 and 200 million. --- Salafi Movement (Sunni) --- Ahl al-Hadith (Sunni) --- Deobandi (Sunni) --- Mujahideen --- Madhhab --- Not all Islam is Radical Islam - Huffington Post Huffington Post: Not All Islam is Radical Islam Excerpt: “The portrayal of Muslims as victims or heroes is at best partially accurate…..” …The persecution of Christians in predominantly Muslim nations is certainly a growing predicament. However, by no means do I believe that such an “anti-Christian animus” is something, if left to the minds of Muslims, that would develop into a widespread conviction. Instead, it is an animus that has developed into a widespread conviction of radical Islamic leaders — whose religious beliefs have about just as many similarities with international Muslims as those between Catholics and Pastafarians[*see below], whose only religious commonality is a belief in a singular omnipotent deity. updated 11/14/2016 --- Mesmerism In Muslims Summary of Links in this section g=O6n9adzsEKqstas37HhYF5Ov7vA&hl=en&sa=X&ei=YqOAVNrJEqr0iAKyz4GQAQ&ved=0CCoQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=mesmerism%20 in%20Muslim&f=false Deep states of altered consciousness can explain some tricks and games vying parties on the international front might play on one another. Americans could be using it on Muslims, Russians on Americans, Muslims on Americans and Jews. We discuss mesmerism as possibly applied by Muslims here, but the concept can apply to any person or group. Commentary on Mesmerism in Muslims Section The act of applying mesmerism could be one key to secretive battles on Americans both abroad and in the home country, and it could possibly explain an iron fist type of will used to counter Western ideology. Mesmerism could also help religionists become zealots, turning balanced or moderate spirituality into an obsessive one-way approach. One person’s obsession can be another person’s religion. It is suggested here that altered hypnotic states, or mesmerism, can help people become so focused on one idea that they squeeze out alternative ideas, and it can encourage extremism. Saying one thing or idea over and over again can be a form of programming. Mesmerism and mind control can go together. Mesmerism can include hypnotic suggestions sent telepathically and electronically, but also can be created while in prayer alone or in groups. In groups, people can help shift brainwaves to a common idea or goal. It is suggested here that knowledge of mesmerism should be top-of-the mind anti-terrorist and USA home country protection information. This can be part of the Invisible Fingers/Fanning out processes described in the Zone of Influence section on this website, but from an Islamic intrusion/overtake of USA point of view. The incidents surrounding 9/11 might have occurred in a mixed zone of influence, including psyops related forms of altered perception (mesmerism) by both the attackers and the range of victims - victims including bystanders, unaware participants, airflight controllers and more. This page covers in a highly brief and introductory manner mesmerism in Muslims and also mesmerism in general as it can apply to Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhism, Hindus, etc. The objective is to discuss what can be done to avoid being hooked and to recognize the signs of a web of energy being used with hypnotic effect. It is suggested informally here that bioenergetic and psychotronic influencing can be part of religiously oriented mesmerism. Repeating things over and over while entering hypnotic states should be taken seriously. If you add drugs or substance-based mind/brain chemistry altering on top of that, the behavioral changes should also be taken seriously. We might be dealing with people who are not ordering reality in the same way we do. Their internal constructs might be sending out signals for them to respond in certain ways that do not line up to our ideas of 1 plus 1 equals 2. In looking for reasons for things, we might miss key points because someone else is working from a different ideation framework. If we don’t know it is there, we might not know to look for it. For example, if someone thinks you are the Devil, they might be fighting you using tactics based on the idea that you must be sneaky, non-trustworthy and not worth telling the truth to for these reasons. People might go around you and never tell you what their agenda is. They are not basing their reality on things that are of this world, so to speak, and their justification for everything from stealing, lying and murdering might come from an ordered set of ideas based on the metaphysical concepts of evil and good based on strict concepts with no gray zones. You might in this case be dealing with people who leave you no room but to maximize self-defense because they won’t give you an inch. Once pegged as the Devil needing to be ejected from the sphere of mankind, you won’t be able to change their minds. It’s a done deal. Anyone working within a religiously zealous format probably needs to be considered carefully because it adds an element to the whole range of what is possible than if we are dealing with a more nuts and bolts orientation. Depending on how far out people are going with altered brain states, you can be dealing with extremely complicated energy and manifested physical fields. The key is to learn as much as you can about the metaphysical beliefs as well as the known physically oriented tendencies or habits in order to pick up the energy of what is going on as well as what is possible. In other words, you need to know about the guns and abuses as well as the mind trips. The idea is to help people remain or become clear so they can find basic truths and reality for their own safety and well-being without being dominated or willed into it by others; it also includes recognizing the power of group think and group dynamics as a lulling force toward conformity. It also means recognizing that many religions use the idea that man’s free will is somehow so subject to error that they are not truly free until they give up their will to another force, which they usually refer to as God. The problem with this, however, is that frequently we are dealing with the egos and will of men who tell themselves they are following God’s laws. They are so convinced they know the one way to God and truth that nothing will pry them loose. Our challenge is to not permit these types from hooking into us and depriving us of our autonomy to think things over for ourselves. These people can be very convincing because they have so thoroughly convinced themselves of their ideas. Sometimes we find leaders who are charismatic or charming; people mistake the charisma for godliness or other worldly qualities. When people have been trained from a young age to believe in certain religious beliefs, it can become so enmeshed in their personalities that they do not know how to think or emotionally respond to people or life in any other way. Being an individual working for democratic principles and equal rights for all people means learning to recognize the energy of mesmerism while planning to spend a lifetime learning a growing about this. Entry level work begins recognition of the energy, but we have to take it from there to finding who is creating the energy webs and consciously using it for ill purposes while also learning how to stop it using a variety of strategies. On another note, as a psychic individual with a limited range of abilities, here are a few of the things I pick up when I look at photos of Islamic terrorists: 1. In the case of Osama bin Laden, the reoccurring feeling of CIA energy in his space to the point I wonder if the CIA had been directing his terrorist activities or in some way strongly involved although there are signs they were also investigating him as outsiders (a separate country trying to look in). Osama to me almost felt American, I’m sorry. I pick up the energy of guns, money and being hired by Americans to do things. It’s like he was a hired hit man for the Americans. This is so directly contrary to what we generally read about Osama and Al Qaeda that I have to just throw this into the fire as another possibility about what has been going on. I will tell you as a psychic healer, Osama’s energy was so skewed that it was not easy to deal with. I feel the people around him were presented with one set of ideas - that of Muslim hard core idealism - and yet the man was working from other agendas. I also think that he and Al Qaeda were props used for global imaging purposes; by focusing people on that, it takes away from focusing on what is really going and who is really in power behind the terrorist acts like 9/11. It is not that there are not radical Muslims out there to kill Americans; they are definitely most seriously dangerous and would do damage to Americans in a heartbeat because they think it takes them to God, that they are standing up for God and righteousness. It’s just that I feel there is an energy around Al Qaeda which has been purposely exploited to take us off center. I also think there is the equivalent of magic around any photos of Osama which is something related to mesmerism and messing with energy fields on other levels around things and people. What this means is that when you look at Osama’s photos or hear Muslim chants being sung around him, some people can get sucked into something that is outside their normal range of awareness. You start feeling sucked into something just by even briefly connecting with these things. It’s dangerous. in other words and not to be messed with casually. A variety of people can be creating energy fields like that - the Muslims themselves as well as people perhaps trying to make Al Qaeda into a distracting force. My approach with this issue is a stand back and wait for all the facts to come in before responding quickly and overly emotionally to anything about Al Qaeda. I am not fully convinced that the Mosssad/CIA complex was behind 9/11 and that Al Qaeda was a stand-up image for that destruction, but I do hold reservations on the whole topic until more facts come in. I am not blindly convinced my psychic impressions are right, but because they do come up regularly, it causes me to slow down and be careful about anything to do with Al Qaeda. I have a lot to learn, I do know that. In summary, what comes up for me around Osama and Al Qaeda is a wave of energy which says “Watch out! Be careful. Things are not as they seem. Investigate, listen, learn further. 2. The feeling of drugs and mesmerism, a wave of “crazy” energy, like a vortexical energy field - around several of the people. Around Osama, it was hard to find a soulful center. 3. The feeling that if we can correct the energy around these people, we will stop a lot of the networking connected to them that together creates a terrorist package. This includes all the games that get played under the surface by people supposedly working for the best interests of the United States as well as other countries like a Mexican/South American fascist structure 4. There is a strong rock-hard feeling coming from some of the female Muslims being interviewed to supposedly give the side of view of devout Muslims. It is not particularly feminine as we usually think of it in the West although they might be covered in layers of clothing and hiding most of their faces. In some cases, these women, defending traditional female roles within the Muslim community, seem more power-ridden than their male counterparts. In other cases, I wonder if we are dealing with CIA agents dressing up as Muslims. Beyond this, I find myself wondering if we are connecting to a Satanic type of underground movement among Muslim women; there is a a sharp energy afoot around these women which tells me to be on alert and to watch out - that what is being presented is not how it really is for these women. They seem to know quite a bit about psychic energy and energy power and are negotiating survival in a world of men with extremely dominating attitudes. From an anthropological or social scientist point of view, we can ask ourselves about the true seat of power in some of these marriages as these women might have more power than is superficially obvious. Books Google: From a book Remembrance of Allah discussing Zikr vs. Mesmerism: Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad Excerpt: “What is called Zikr by these people is actually mesmerism or hypnotism. It has nothing to do with spirituality; rather, it is related to concentration of thoughts. God Almighty has vested the human mind with the power to produce a very strong influence by the concentration of thoughts.” MjH&sig=O6n9adzsEKqstas37HhYF5Ov7vA&hl=en&sa=X&ei=YqOAVNrJEqr0iAKyz4GQAQ&ved=0CCoQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=m esmerism%20in%20Muslim&f=false Brushfires of Freedom: Mesmerism Excerpt: Breaking Mesmerism in 2013 Most Americans living today probably think of mesmerism or hypnotism as a form of lounge act entertainment, to be enjoyed on an occasional trip to Las Vegas. They probably know nothing about Franz Mesmer and his experiments and activities in the 1800’s, and what they illustrated about the vulnerability of humanity to the power of suggestion. (Take a look at Charles MacKay’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”.) There was essentially no limit to what the hypnotized thought could be led to believe. Truth became an utterly meaningless concept; completely malleable and able to be shaped or re-shaped in the thought of the victim by the mesmerizer or hypnotizer. Islam Review: Islamic Terrorism Defeated Excerpt: “To cure such persons of these affective disorders, they have somehow to be truthfully shown that Muhammad, Mecca , Medina , Islam, the Qur’an, and the Ka’aba are not infallible and valuable above humanity. The stupor, hypnotic state, or mesmerism that blinds the devout and the terrorist alike can be eliminated by the cognitive destruction of the said concepts or the permanent physical destruction of the Ka’aba. However, I am not suggesting the direct bombing of the Ka’aba because this will result in unimaginable global violence in the short run. Ka’aba has historically been destroyed many times only by Muslims fighting each other.” Mesmerism in Muslims section updated 12/19/2016 --- Muslims and Nazis During World War II Historic and possible current links Excerpt: During world war 2 there were strong connections between the Muslim governments (as well as some of the Muslim people) and the Nazis. Muslim extremists were strong supporters of Hitler. Most Germans were either brainwashed or scared and that’s why so few did anything to fight or oppose Hitler. However many Muslim extremists VOLUNTARILY fought side by side with the Nazis until 1945 when it became clear the Nazis were going to lose the war. Many Soviet Muslims abandoned the red army to fight with Hitler. The Nazis and the Muslim extremists have very common ideologies and common enemies. They both hate Jews, they are both staunchly against communism, and they both wanted the British out of “Palestine”. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a very influential Muslim leader at the time, almost equivalent to the Pope for Catholic’s. The Grand Mufti was one of Hitler’s strongest allies and actively recruited Arabs and Muslims across the world for the S.S. So “Palestine” and the Arabs were not innocent for the many atrocities of world war 2. --- Ottoman Empire Nazis, Islamic Abuses, Related Modern Issues Summary of Links in this section: Lost Islamic History Excerpt: MISSION Lost Islamic History’s mission is to educate all people, regardless of religious affiliation about the story of Muslims of the past. Great feats have been achieved by Muslims throughout the world for the past 1400 years and they deserve to be recognized. That said, this website does not exist to promote any political agenda. It is our policy to refrain from commenting on any modern political developments, or support any modern political ideologies. This allows us to remain unbaised in our analysis of past empires, people, and civilizations. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Firas Alkhateeb is a graduate student in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago. He also currently studying traditional Islamic law and theology at Darul Qasim in Glendale Heights, Illinois. He holds a bachelor’s degree in History with a concentration in Islamic History from the University of Illinois at Chicago Excerpt: HOW THE BRITISH DIVIDED UP THE ARAB WORLD The development of the modern nation states throughout the Arab world is a fascinating and heartbreaking process. 100 years ago, most Arabs were part of the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate, a large multi-ethnic state based in Istanbul. Today, a political map of the Arab world looks like a very complex jigsaw puzzle. A complex and intricate course of events in the 1910s brought about the end of the Ottomans and the rise of these new nations with borders running across the Middle East, diving Muslims from each other. While there are many different factors leading to this, the role that the British played in this was far greater than any other player in the region. Three separate agreements made conflicting promises that the British had to stand by. The result was a political mess that divided up a large part of the Muslim world. Assyrian Genocide Armenian Genocide Greek Genocide Reuters: Germany defying Turkey http //www reuters com/article/us-turkey-armenia-germany-idUSKBN0NB1JZ20150420 International Association of Genocide Scholars Excerpt: In 1997, the association unanimously passed a formal resolution affirming the Armenian Genocide,[6][7] and also sent an open letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey.[8] In December 2007 the organization passed another resolution reaffirming the Armenian Genocide and officially recognizing both the Greek and Assyrian Genocides.[9] Turkish intellectuals who have recognized the armenian genocide -- Pastafarians Vengaza - Pastafarians: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Excerpt: The Pastafarians, or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, are a mock-religious group, aiming for humour and political awareness by ridiculing actual religious groups through imitation and caricature. Excerpt: Q: A lot of Pastafarians seem to be anti-religion and/or atheists (why is this?) A: We’re not anti-religion. This is NOT an atheists club. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our church including current members of other religions. In addition to the Atheists, Agnostics, and Freethinkers who have joined us, we have a number of Christian (and Muslim, and Hindu and Buddhist …) members and I would love to have more. Note to the religious: You are welcome here. Let me make this clear: we are not anti-religion, we are anti- crazy nonsense done in the name of religion. There is a difference. Pastafarians use mainly two emblems, both inspired in the Christian fish… One emblem has the same "rugby ball" shape of the stylized fish with added eye stalks and tentacles, usually with the initials "FSM" (Flying Spaghetti Monster) on it. Updates 2018/02 : ongoing updates: 01/12/2017; updated 07/12/2016
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