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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Amendment Watch 2019 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Faces Two Federal Lawsuits for Blocking Followers on Twitter September 3, 2019 users/ Excerpt: Update: On 11/5/2019 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unblocked Dov Hikind and publicly apologized for blocking the assemblyman from her Twitter account. On July 10, 2019, New York assemblyman Dov Hikind and Republican congressional candidate Joseph Saladino filed separate lawsuits against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for blocking them on Twitter. The lawsuits were filed soon after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that President Trump’s Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, was a public forum, and as such, blocking critics was a violation of their First Amendment rights. Both Hikind and Saladino hope that Ocasio-Cortez will be held to the same standard. Hikind, who founded Americans Against Anti-Semitism, alleges that Ocasio-Cortez blocked him after he criticized her use of the term “concentration camps” to refer to the federal government’s detention facilities that hold migrant children. users/ Hard Core Husky [note from PF: looks like a typical “conspiracy website” with dark humor] democrats#:~:text=AOC%20is%20a%20not%20a%20real%20congresswoman.%20She%27s,a%20paid%20actor% 20who%20responded%20to%20a%20casting Huff Post 2019/07/10 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Donald Trump Twitter Block Ruling Turned Against Her A Democrat and a Republican have filed lawsuits against the New York congresswoman which call for her to unblock them on Twitter. headshot Independent 2021/07/30-31 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives thunderous takedown of GOP voter fraud claims New York representative says voter fraud is ‘less likely than being [struck] by lightning. By Gustaf Kilander https //www independent co uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/aoc-takedown-gop-voting-fraud-b1893315 html Excerpt: Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez provided a forceful takedown of Republican claims of voter fraud pushed by former President Donald Trump and his many supporters. Ms Ocasio-Cortez went after the GOP claims during a hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights discussing the voting bill in the Texas state legislature that prompted state Democrats to flee to Washington DC to prevent its passage. They argue that Republicans are using false claims of voter fraud to make it harder to vote, especially for largely Democratic constituencies. The GOP on their end say that the new voting laws are meant to make it easier to vote, but harder to cheat. “Let’s talk about... the myth of voter fraud. According to MIT election data and science lab – only about .00006% of total mail-in votes cast are results of voter fraud. That’s less likely than being [struck] by lightning,” Ms Ocasio-Cortez said during the hearing. Democrats have argued that the voting laws pushed by Republicans are a solution in search of a problem and that the real reasoning behind the laws is to make it harder for minorities to vote. https //www independent co uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/aoc-takedown-gop-voting-fraud-b1893315 html Legal Newsline 2020/03/12 Man who sued Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for blocking him on Twitter abandons lawsuit FEDERAL COURT. By Scott Holland https //legalnewsline com/stories/526888676-man-who-sued-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-for-blocking-him-on- twitter-abandons-lawsuit Newsweek 2019/07/09 U.S. Democrat and Republican Sue Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Blocking Them on Twitter BY SCOTT MCDONALD https //www newsweek com/republicans-sue-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-blocking-them-twitter-1448415 RT 2021/02 Texas disaster is what happens when you DON’T pursue a Green New Deal – AOC https //www rt com/usa/515857-aoc-green-new-deal-texas/ Excerpt: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) has blasted Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the state’s infrastructure planning, claiming her Green New Deal would better prepare areas for extreme weather conditions. “The infrastructure failures in Texas are quite literally what happens when you *don’t* pursue a Green New Deal,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Wednesday. The message appeared to be in response to Abbott criticizing a potential Green New Deal due to many renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines failing in the state’s historically cold weather. In an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday evening, Abbott said not being able to rely on these energy sources in extreme weather is part of the reason for rolling power outages in his state. “This shows how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States of America. Texas is blessed with multiple sources of energy, such as natural gas and nuclear, as well as solar and wind,” he said. “Our wind and our solar got shut down, and they were collectively more than ten percent of our power grid. And that thrust Texas into this situation.” https //www rt com/usa/515857-aoc-green-new-deal-texas/ Townhall 2019/03/22 Pelosi Has a Lot of Problems. This Is The Biggest One. By Steve Sheldon https //townhall com/columnists/stevesheldon/2019/03/22/nancy-pelosis-biggest-problem-n2543554 Wonkette 2021/02/17 GOP Full Of Hot Air About Texas Blackouts And By Hot Air We Mean Really F'ing Shameless Lies Stephen Robinson https //www wonkette com/republicans-full-of-hot-air-about-texas-power-outages Yahoo dot com 2021/06/10 AOC backs Ilhan Omar over controversial Israel statement: ‘Sick and tired of the vilification’. By Danielle Zoellner https //news yahoo com/aoc-backs-ilhan-omar-over-204536808 html Updates: 2023/02/01; 2021/08/03 RT; Wonkette-2021/06/10; Legal Newsline; First Amendment Watch-2019; Independent-2021/07/30-31; 2021/06/15-16--PAGE STARTED-alexandria ocasio-cortez
Leadership Position Democrat, House of Representatives Start 2019 State: New York 14th Congressional District Strong Catholic connection, Strong Puerto Rico connection Website: ARTICLES Bet dot com Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Latest Public Servant Confronted By Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Greene said the New York lawmaker supports “terrorism” by backing Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and even Hamas in Israel. rjorie-taylor-greene-aoc-confrontation-outside- house.html#! Daily Caller 2019/04/03 Ocasio-Cortez Hit With Another FEC Complaint Over Affiliation With Justice Democrats. By Andrew Kerr https //dailycaller com/2019/04/03/ocasio-cortez-fec- complaint/ Excerpt: A conservative group filed a 21-count Federal Election Commission complaint Wednesday against Rep. Alexand ria Ocasio-Cortez alleging that her unreported arrangement with the Justice Democrats PAC violated campaign finance laws. The Daily Caller News Foundation first reported that Ocasio-Cortez and her chief of staff held legal control over the political action committee at the same time it was supporting her campaign. The Coolidge Reagan Foundation’s FEC complaint is the third filed against Ocasio-Cortez in the past five weeks. https //dailycaller com/2019/04/03/ocasio-cortez-fec- complaint/
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