Mark Milley (LEADERS Problems, Issues)
Position: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman - General (October 1, 2019) Prior to becoming Chairman General Milley served as the 39th Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army. Catholic Connection Background Start Here Topics of Interest o Iraq War Study-Wikipedia o Milley's coverup of Iraq War- commdiginews Books Links List Articles Comments
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
CRITERIA for this list Corruption, Conspiratorial Anti-America, dubious business and financial dealings including ties to other countries, large corporations (including defense contractors) and crime syndicates. Watch for Catholic, Jewish, Muslim ties separately or combined with leftist, Chinese, Russian and La Raza. This concern also includes the black, brown and red power movements, Irish and Italian mafias or other applicable hostile networks. Uses poor judgment on high stakes issues or is negligent. Directly or indirectly supports planned and organized radical agendas designed to weaken, disrupt, distract, confuse, distort or undermine this country at the individual and national levels.
LEADERS (Negative) Joe Biden o Biden General Info o Biden Impeachment Kamala Harris Lloyd Austin, Sec Def. Denis McDonough, Sec VA Mark Milley, Jnt Chfs Chair Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Ronny Jackson, TX Ilhan Omar, MN Alexandria O-Cortez, NY Maggie Hassan, NH Letitia James, NY Veronica Escobar, TX Ben Ray Luján, NM Mich. Lujan-Grisham, NM Lori Lightfoot IL Past/Receding-need Investig. Nancy Pelosi, CA Former House Speaker o 1 Introduction o 2 Articles o 3 Comments o 4 Links List Anthony Fauci Kate Brown, OR Barack Obama See Also Catholic Connection Joe Biden Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi Denis McDonough Anthony Fauci Mark Milley Ben Ray Lujan Gavin Newsom Measures for USA
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