NM Health Connections Black male front and center
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIST OF COMPANIES EMPHASIZING BLACK-CENTERED ADS BLM-8c: G to Z G-H (none) I IONOS (mail services, etc) Accessed “ Your host matters…” with photo of black female 2020/12/05 seen immediately when taken to homepage IRS dot gov direct deposit page https://www.irs.gov/refunds/get-your-refund-faster-tell-irs-to-direct-deposit-your-refund-to-one-two-or-three- accounts Black couple only people on this website page; extracted from Internet on 2021/03/26; IRS.gov/refunds/get -your- refund faster J-K-L KROGER SYSTEM grocery stores Have seen various black ads at different times: City Market, Smith’s, Fred Meyer M MICROSOFT Below Left-MICROSOFT - Black in eye-catching red and Below Right- Solo Black male slightly larger & closer photo draws more focus to her N NAVIENT Student Loan Servicer Below-NAVIENT Black one fully facing front;white male muted only back area shown muted; off-white female seems to be taking secondary role to black New Mexico Health Connections (Now Defunct) Below- New Mexico Health Connections black facing front & in center, eye-catching by being taller OSLA Student Loan Servicer Osla Black male: this photo often seen on home page/screen shot taken 2020/03/27 OSLA - a mixed group, the Black male on right is the only figure whose face is really visible, facing front P-Q PAYPAL Accessed from Paypal 2020/10/27 https://www.paypal.com/us/home; Note: similar to Starbucks figure, as if created by same artist, have seen similar but 3-D figures on a grocery system R REI REI - (below left) Black female is seen facing front and is in center; other races seen only with hair-covering caps or parts of faces, profiles, or otherwse mostly top of head REI (below right)- Both black female figures running together center of page ROSS There is to be a suspicious emphasis of black ads on the windows facing the outside parking lot S-T SAN DIEGO STATE - Black Male with Hispanic or other less-than-white woman you see more of the black’s face/body SAN JUAN COLLEGE Farmington, New Mexico Has been showing MPM/RL for some time now and it’s getting worse! San Juan College used to be normal. At that time, it had a balanced and even-handed approach, catering equally to white and non-white students. There was not a huge divide over race, nor special treatment given to Navajos, hispanics, “browns” or “blacks.” The focus was on education for everyone. Now you see most lower end jobs going to so-called “minorities” (who are not a minority in New Mexico) and there is an atmosphere of turfing on campus, a form of silent and oppressive watchfulness by minorities to protect their roost. Whites who speak out against the minority-preference approach on campus or anywhere else in the Farmington areaare likely put on a watch list and treated like white supremacists who might come on campus and kill people. They are possibly followed around town by Navajos and Hispanics in various policing groups. Watch for Hispanic and Navajo male and female-dominated campus security both at San Juan COllege and arond the state. The Navajos already have Navajo Community COllege and tech school branches, San Juan College is a publicly funded college (not private) and should remain open to all students without a minority preference approach - it needs to go back to the way it used to be. Education is about everyone. College billboards and class schedules should show whites as well as other races. Someone needs to donate funds for billboards that show whites next to the already existing ones emphasizing Navajo or Hispanic persons. To put up a so-called white who is Navajo is still aiding and abetting Navajo-preference and is a cop-out, a deliberate measure to prioritze Navajos over whites not linked to them - a subtle and widespread game played in the area. People not of Navajo descent or not part of the Navajo cliques should be welcome at San Juan College, and their photos need to be shown in advertising for the college like everyone else. Again, education is about everyone. Low-grade bullying and turfing does not belong at any place of higher education publicly funded by tax dollars, and privately endowed grant funds for minorities should not supercede this basic American right. Below Left-Native American Below Right-Only shows Native (likely Navajo) shown as Americans, Hispanics or browns representative of all San Juan A recent replacement billboard shows College - ignores white students what is likely a white Navajo or fair Hispanic SMITH’S (KROGER SYSTEM) Farmington, New Mexico STAPLES Office Supply Farmington, New Mexico - as of early Fall of 2020 and before during the course of the year, black (African American, etc.) - centered media has been found prominently inside this store. One way is with life-sized black photos as full- body figures standing and smiling; the media used is something like flat cardboard/plastic - they are not dummies - and they are standing fairly near the cash registers at the front of the store and down aisles further back into the store. You look around and don’t see any white ads. Most of the workers are Native American or Hispanic. There has been a longterm white manager in the store, someone who has been seen at Office Max in earlier years, but chances are the next time you look, a minority manager will be in his place - something that has been seen all over the city. WHITES BEWARE. I believe I’ve seen same black in Office Depot in Durango, Colorado. STARBUCKS Accessed on 2020/10/27 https[colon]//wifi[dot]starbucks[dot]com/ Note: This was the only figure on the page This same black-brown female image is still up on 2021/09/16; there have been no circulating images of whites or other races or genders, this this one figure. Starbucks gets millions of dollars from white customers, among others. STATE FARM INSURANCE Accessed on 2021/02/22 from https[colon]//www[dot]statefarm[dot]com/ TARGET On Home Page: Extracted on 2021/02/22 from https[colon]//www[dot]target[dot]com/ Large photo of blacks inside the store - seems to be larger than the other ads with the intention of being more attention grabbing THOUGHTCO TURBO TAX U UNITED HEALTH GROUP UNITED STATES POST OFFICE 2021/01/21 extracted from usps[dot]com US BANK You will also see similar images of non-white persons when walking up to bank ATM machines. Below left: 2020/03/31 Screenshot US Bank black couple home page; (below right) US Bank olive-brown skinned couple home pge V VANILLA GIFTS Below-2020/04/02 VanillaGift dot com Check balance page 2020/04/02 W WALDEN UNIVERSITY Walden University on Thoughtco White male is muted, slightly smaller seeming in background, white female is also muted, hard to see behind letters of subtitle, deferring to black female as if what she has to say is important; black female is in sunlight and has a characteristic Afro seen in many of these types of ads; what is going on here is that a mixed race couple of some context - friendship, business, etc. - have heads geared and angled toward the centered African American female, who is meant to grab most of the attention, and to be seen as having an ear-catching thing to say to the other two. She is placed in primary position, the other two are taking secondary roles of watching and listening to her. Watch for this type of thing all across media using black models in their ads. You might see whites, but where are they and what are they doing in contrast to the black? WALMART Haworth (as of 2016 article) Seen in MEDIA USED BY BIG CORPS below Media Post 2016/09/29 Walmart Selects Haworth For $900 Million U.S. Media Accountby Steve McClellan @mp_mcclellan, https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/285829/walmart-selects-haworth-for-900-million-us-medi.html WALMART - Home Delivery On home page for Online Order/Delivery Membership page Black Male and child, on home page, first thing you see when you go to the link seen here [Accessed from internet on 2020/10/13 https://www.walmart.com/plus here are some other pages: https://www.walmart.com/plus/faq on the FAQ sheet on 2020/10/30, you see no whites but several minorities pictured] WALMART - Black Male and Less Than White Female WELLS FARGO On Home Page: Both below were accessed 2021/02/22 from https[colon]//www[dot]wellsfargo[dot]com/ Note: home page rolling photos X XFINITY Xfinity is connected to Comcast - also see Comcast entry Xfinity is particularly blatant about using only black and darker skinned advertising. Over a period of several years, mostly blacks have been seen advertised on several sectional home pages like prepaid and wifi on demand. On this Prepaid home page, everyone advertised is a person of color. There are no whites shown, changes involve putting in a different black. Left Upper-Xfinity Wifi Black woman drinking coffee ad been up a long time Left Lower- 2020/12/08 (left) Right Upper-2021/02/17 (top right) Older black male with dark-skinned girl of Solo Black Male at Tablet Refill Page Right Lower: 2021/02/17 (below right) Updates: 2021/09/15-16 bolds cleared, a comment made about Starbucks figure; 2021/02/22 State Farm and WElls Fargo were added; things were edited, some photos had gotten out of line and were fixed; this page was recently divided off from the current A to F section to make more room Updates: 2020/11/09-10 AARP, AETNA, BCBS added; more added to APUS; some editing; 2020/10/30 media companies used by big corps section started; BLM8a started week of 2020/10/25
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop Racism, Reverse-Racism, and Civil Rights as Warfare 4- Black-Centric Media Photos and other Anti-White Modes I Ionos IRS dot gov (yes, IRS!) K Krogers Food Chains (Smiths, City Market, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, etc.) M Microsoft P Paypal R REI Ross S Smith’s (Kroger-also see City Market) Staples Starbucks State Farm Insurance T Target U United Health Group USPS (United States Post Office) US Bank V Vanilla W Walmart, Wells Fargo X Xfinity
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