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COMMENTS The Military and Policing Systems are intertwined. What happens in one, often occurs in the other. Veteran networks can link both groups through shared personnel, approaches, experiences and mental templates. A small sliver of the Middle Eastern compendium, with most of the emphasis on Iraq and Islam, is included here. Criminality as connected to Islamic Extremism as well as Military corruption is included here because of the relevance to policing and national security. Honors/Honorable Acts (not comprehensive) is included to balance out the more negative aspects, like Criminality. There truly is an honorable and good side to the military, as well as a very troubled and dangerous aspect which needs further serious work. We must feel compassion and empathy for our military leaders who are struggling with a wide array of internal affairs problems as well as serious global threats. (see more at bottom of page) Navy Related National Security Issues For an alternative view see Scarce News 2018-12-23 on Admiral Stearney’s Death. By David Martin Fat Leonard Alleged suicide of Admiral Stearney 2018 Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda (alleged self-shooting in chest) Tailhook (some have suggested homosexual porn ring behind this) “When the scandal broke, it was painted as a call girl / sexual harassment story, but Griggs set the record straight by pointing out that it had everything to do with extensive homosexual activities and rites.” (See David Martin in Scarce News) Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Healing Support, Groups Military - General Honors, Honorable Acts Military Criminality Active Duty p. 1 Active Duty, cont p. 2. Veterans p. 3 Overall Crime, Books, Commentary p. 4 Summary of Links p. 5 Fat Leonard p. 1 Fat Leonard p. 2 Middle East Afghanistan Extortion 17 Iraq p. 1 Iraq p. 2 Iraq p. 3 Iraq p. 4 Islamic Extremism Main Sections: Islamic Extremism (page 1-here) Islamic Extremism (page 2) Islamic Extremism/Muslim Mafia Islam/More Info Acknowledgments Start Here Background Islamic Beliefs Reasons For Fighting Islamic Extremism Mind Tricks/Dracula Creeping in the Door Jewish Input Various Persons Fighting Jihad Terror Topics various Police Factor repeatedly considers the possibilities from a national security standpoint; in this regard, we are all challenged to question that which would weaken our military and policing systems - whether it is coming, for example, from old Communist/left wing organizers linked to others who do not like us. For example, Islamic, Russian, Chinese, old Vietnam War era South Pacific strains might be linked to certain old 1960s originated civil rights agendas. This is not to deny the pain and suffering of those who have experienced rapes or other forms of abuse, but to try to stay objective as to the possibilities. Anyone who has suffered rapes, harassment or unfairness in employment knows how devastating it is to not be taken seriously or believed when reaching out for help and legal/law enforcement recourse. Our objective is to carefully assess all considerations from a moral and national security standpoint. Needless to say, criminal activities weaken us as a nation. Response groups need to be legitimate and sincere and not surreptitiously trying to weaken us from within. One way to try to get to the bottom of things is to look at case after case. This website is not comprehensive in that regard, but does offer a glimpse into the vast ocean of problems. It is up to each investigator to thoroughly check out the cases and to try to find common threads of truth or deceit in legal coverage and reporting. If things are as bad as they seem - and they look quite bad, having been bad for awhile now - we need major overhauls. Perhaps strict rules on abstaining from porn - and the language and culture that goes with it - in the military is a start. Truly weeding out past perpetrators from getting into the military is another. Notice a large number of the rapists or sexual abusers are young men from 19 to 23. They might not have had a criminal record before entering the military; at this point, we need to consider overall male military culture as an influence. Regular drug checks should be mandatory. Gang memberships should be banned from active duty personnel. These are just a few things to consider.
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